Hire & Conquer!

Guardians of Hyelore is a fresh take on tower defense where you recruit units to fend off against waves of incoming enemies in an all-out fantasy "tug-of-war". Hire an army of warriors, clerics, casters and much more! Purchase items, learn talents, gain achievements, and venture distant lands to conquer everything that stands in your way!

The Hiring Squad!

Below are some of the many units available to you during the course of battle

Upgrade Your Guardian!

A Guardian is a much more powerful and durable version of units which has four distinct abilities. They are free to hire but have a large cooldown and begin a battle on cooldown as well.  There are many more Guardians to unlock and find in Guardians of Hyelore!

Earn Achievements!

Throughout your journey, you'll earn achievements that will grant you additional resources to use in Guardians of Hyelore. Accomplishing achievements vary in difficulty with harder ones presenting greater rewards!

Gain Talents!

As you clear stages, you'll be rewarded with talents which will grant you a permanent positive effect of some kind. Talents can buff your units or Guardian, strengthen your towers and affect shop prices, just to name a few!

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