Achievements. Yes, we have many!

To say that there are a lot of achievements in Tower Rush is a real understatement! At the time of this writing, there are 60+ achievements in the works with more to follow as the game is being fleshed out from all angles.

Have a look at just some of the many achievements the game has to offer! 

All achievements in Tower Rush will be Steam-integrated. The ones in the clip above with a blue banner signify that were achieved. Some achievements require that you complete a task X times, or some other action that involves multiple instances to complete, in which case a bar is shown which indicates the progress of that achievement.

Usually, when we add more shop items, or enemies, or other events in the game that look and sound cool, it may entice us to create an achievement for it as well. This sort of approach has led us to create a large number of achievements in the game with varying difficulty to obtain, and we don't quite see the end of it just yet!

Achievements in Tower Rush serve as a way for you to gain gems or other surprises which will enrich your gameplay and help you defeat enemies in the world. Most achievements will provide a payout of a certain number of gems which you can use towards shop item purchases (like weapons, potions, or towers), while other more harder-to-gain achievements will provide better benefits!

Here's a clip showing the earning of achievements. This particular example shows a player earning them at the end of beating a stage, however achievements can be earned at any time while you're playing Tower Rush!

You can see on the top-right that the following achievements were triggered (earned) after completing the stage:

Achievements also have a benefit in that they are earned continuously, meaning that you get to keep your progress of all achievements even if you were to lose a particular battle. Other things such as your player level and experience are reset back to what they were at the start of a stage encounter (if you happen to lose in that stage).  The reason for this is to prevent a player from "snow-balling" and gaining experience even after a loss, which would throw the game experience out of equilibrium.

Let us know what you think of our achievement system and if you have any questions or comments about it, we would love to hear from you!

We will be launching on Steam/Windows platform in late/Q4 2021.