Argoth, Guardian Showcase!

Argoth is the first Guardian that was created for Tower Rush. Besides being the first Guardian in conception, he also serves as a benchmark from which we can gather data and design the remaining playable Guardians in the game. 

Argoth belongs to the warrior class of units (recall that there are a total of four classes in Tower Rush: warrior, spellcaster, support, and archer). Some of the differences that set Argoth apart  from other warrior classes would be his increased health, armor, and damage, which is typical of all Guardians, generally speaking. 

A breakdown of his abilities is outlined below:

Concussive Strike

Argoth strikes forward with his blade to deal considerable damage to enemies in a line directly infront of him, stunning them for 2 seconds.


Argoth Increases the attack speed of warriors around him for 7 seconds. 

- The area of effect of this ability is small (roughly the span of Argoth's model which is 2 units in each direction).

- There is no limit to how many units can have their attack speed increased.

Barbaric Charge

Argoth dashes forward quickly and returns to the same point to deal considerable damage to enemies.

- Damage takes place on both the forward and backward dashes.

- Barbaric Charge deals slightly more damage than Concussive Strike (since it does not have stunning properties).

Argoth's Virtue

Argoth slightly increases the defense of all warriors on the battlefield.

- This only takes effect while Argoth is alive in battle.  

As with all Guardians, once you defeat a stage, you are granted ability tokens that you can disperse into Argoth's abilities to increase their rank.  Each ability can be upgraded twice once it is learned.  You begin the game with three ability points to spend as well.

One of the unique concepts of Tower Rush is that both Guardians and normal units naturally evolve in health, armor, and damage as your player level increases. This gives more viability to all units even in mid-to-late game, as each has a unique ability that is not shared with any other unit or Guardian, providing deeper options to you at every step in the game!

What do you think of Argoth? Let us know in the comments below!

Tower Rush is set to hit Steam in Q4 2021.