Character/Unit Animations

Characters  (units and Guardians) in Tower Rush have a vast set of fluid animations.  There are at least five different "attack" type animations, three "run" type animations, "jump", "casting", "defend", and much more!

Generally, units will default to the basic "run" animation unless under the influence of talents, boss effects, or other events, in which case they may switch to other variations such as "run type 1", "run type 2" or "run type 3". 

The casting animations demonstrated in the clip are generally used by support or spellcaster units. In total there are currently over 35 unique animations in Tower Rush spanning across all characters (units, Guardians and enemies).  

Some of the animations not displayed in the clip include: 

- death animations (total 2)

- archer animations (total 3)

- archer running animations (total 2)

- mid-air flight animations (total 1)

and several more! 

A special shoutout to Wurrad who has provided these great assets to be used.


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