Guardian spotlight - Durheim the Wildhand!

It's been a while since our last Guardian spotlight post but here it is! This one is particularly special as we've opened up Tier 2 Guardians in Tower Rush!

This means that unlike the previous Tier 1 Guardians (Argoth, Nomia, Castien, and Oryn), Tier 2 Guardians are not available at the very start of the game.

They will likely cost gems to unlock (4000 gems for Durheim as you can see in the feature image) or may be unlocked by some other means.

Similar to Argoth, Durheim is based on the warrior class with several distinctions. He is more durable, swifter, and has some of the most devastating abilities in the game thus far!


Durheim has a chance to deflect incoming damage back to enemies.

Growing Rage

Every kill grants Durheim bonus damage. Growing Rage activates when Durheim's health is low.

Wild Blow

Durheim swings his axe with great strength, damaging enemies ahead.

Calamity Strike

Durheim turns invulnerable, dashing forward and striking rapidly in a small area.

Check out all his abilities in action!


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