Guardian spotlight - Nomia the Lightbearer!

As the second Guardian to be added to Tower Rush, Nomia is a support Guardian with buff abilities. She can restore the health of ally units, give herself armor, cause burst damage and also revive dead allies!

Unlike the previous Guardian we covered in a recent post (Argoth), Nomia is more of a passive Guardian whose role is to keep units fresh and healthy! She is, however, strong in her own right as she can heal and deal damage in a small area of effect! Below are a list of Nomia's abilities.

Ceremony of Light

Cast a healing field on the ground which heals all units for a percentage of their max health per second.

- there is no limit to the number of units that Nomia can heal with Ceremony of Light.

Light Fury

Nomia focuses on a single point to unleash devastating energy, dealing high damage in a small area of effect.

- the area of effect for this ability is much smaller in comparison to Argoth's abilities, but deal more damage in a shorter period of time.  Light Fury lasts a total of 2 seconds.

Protective Seal

Nomia channels her inner light to increase her own armor significantly for 10 seconds.

- Protective Seal exists as a means for Nomia to be able to survive longer in battle and provide the much needed support her units need!

Second Chance

Resurrect a fallen unit with full health and grant extra armor.

- Once a unit is affected by Second Chance, it cannot be revived a second time (hence the name!).

As with all Guardians in Tower Rush, you earn ability points at the end of each stage to be able to distribute into abilities like the one shown above.  There is also a new feature being added which will allow players to reset their hard-earned ability points for a small gem fee (gems are earned naturally as you progress in the game). This would allow players to experiment with different abilities for the many Guardians that Tower Rush will have to see what playstyle and Guardian best suits you.


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