Introduction to the 'Favor' system!

The Favor System in Tower Rush is being developed as part of the core gameplay that really elevates the depth of the game and brings true meaning to the 'tug of war' aspect we are striving to achieve.

 While the goal of Tower Rush is to advance your units (from left to right) on the screen and destroy the enemy's towers, we really wanted to push forward the 'rushing' concept, and thus the Favor System was born!

How it works:

In the user interface there are many elements, but we'll focus this discussion on the Favor meter. Both you and the enemy AI have your own Favor meter which is depleted at the start of battle as shown below:

As the game plays itself out with both you and the enemy recruiting units to achieve domination, there will be a constant struggle to advance past the half-way point of the stage (for you it would be to the right of the midpoint, and for the enemy it's to the left of the midpoint). 

For now, the half-way point is shown as a dotted line but this will change in the final release:

If your first unit crosses the half-way mark before the enemy, your Favor meter will gradually fill up. As long as you have at least one unit alive to the right of the midpoint, your meter continues to fill.

For demonstration purposes, the meter speed has been significantly sped up in the clip below (it will take much lo to fill up the meter in the final version).

When your meter is full, you are given a choice to select from one of three random Favors, which act as temporary buffs (for you) or debuffs (for the enemy). If the enemy is able to fill their meter before you, they will instead enact a Favor (to cause harm to you or to buff their forces). 

Once you select a favor, it is immediately activated and takes effect at that moment (with few exceptions).  The meter for both sides (yours and the enemy) is then reset and begins filling again. 

There is no time limit for activating a favor, so you can hold off from selecting one until the right situation presents itself. However, if your meter fully refills again, the existing favors will be replaced with 3 random ones again so be sure to use them within that time frame!

In this clip, you can see that the first three Favors (Inhibit Forces, Fortify, and Rally) were replaced by Broken Will, Mighty Arrow Barrage, and Diminish Life. The player chooses Mighty Arrow Barrage which takes effect immediately.

Here are some of the Favors currently being worked on which gives a sense of how crucial it is to maintain that enemy push!

Diminish Life

Reduce the health of all normal enemies on the field by 25%.

Inhibit Forces

Disable normal enemies from spawning for 8 seconds.

Manipulate Time

Time passes by 60% slower for all enemies for 10 seconds.

Patching Wounds

Heal 80% of your tower's health over 10 seconds.


Gain 50% bonus tower armor for 1 minute.

There are many more Favors in the works, we anticipate over 40+ in the final release!


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