Spring Valley showcase!

Spring Valley, the first stage available in Tower Rush is being reworked from its previous iteration from the ground-up to provide better visuals! We are hoping to create a vibrant stage that gives off a 'fantasy village' feel, with various environment props sprinkled throughout the stage. 

Here's an example of the 'old' iteration of Spring Valley:


Tower Rush incorporates a lot of various parallax effects to help bring more realism to the game. Each environment in Tower Rush has four to five layers that bring a nice 'pop' to the visuals. Spring Valley consists of a front fenced-off area, followed by green pasture for units to walk on. 

Behind those layers there will be various village houses, trees, some environmental effects, clouds, moving skies, and more! 

We try to keep our color palette consistent with the vibrant moods that we want to achieve, with a lot of color tones that speak to the general theme of a stage.  Expect to have bright green and blue tones in a stage such as Spring Valley, which complement a fantasy village setting.

Here are some of the props and village concepts that will appear in the stage:

We have also been experimenting with weather effects and a night mode, which give a lot of 'pop' to the many visual effects in Tower Rush!

Here's an iteration of Spring Valley in the daytime. We're still working on finalizing many of the elements but this gives a good idea on how the final pieces will come together.

As with all stages in Tower Rush, there can be moments when the camera zooms out considerably and you're able to get a peak at a larger view of an environment. This generally happens when the camera is panned to the far left or right and is trying to immediately access the view on the other side of the game. 

The game has auto-panning enabled which allows the camera to pan intelligently to where the action is! You have the option to move the camera with A/D keys, arrow keys, or allow the game to pan the camera for you, and we must say, it does a great job of it!

Check out the clip below of the intelligent camera movement. 

Here's a breakdown:

- The camera begins stationary, and then quickly pans to the closest enemy approaching your base. 

- As soon as you hire a unit, the camera leaves the enemy and begins to track and find your furthest unit in battle and pans towards it, while also zooming out so that you can see more of the environment!

Much of the UI is yet to be finalized as well, but we hope that you get a better idea of how everything is piecing together.

Tower Rush is set to hit Steam in Q4 2021. If you are enjoying the content and following us on our journey, be sure subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on Twitter and join the Tower Rush Discord server to keep up with all the latest happenings!