Tower Rush menu showcase is in!

It's been a while but here's some new content as the game is entering further development! 

The menus:

 1. Units menu - Observe the stats of units in your control, such as influence, attack, health, defense, magic and speed!

2.  Guardians menu - Recruit your Guardian and advance abilities earned after defeating a stage!

2.  Shop menu - Purchase various equipment such as potions, weapons, towers and more!

2.  Talents menu - Talents earned after defeating a stage will be visible here.

2.  Achievements menu - Achievements earned during gameplay will be visible here.  There are 64 achievements at the time of this writing with more to come!

2.  Stats menu - This will give valuable insight to your gameplay, such as wins vs losses, most consumed item, most recruited unit, and more!

2.  Leaderboards menu - See how you do against other Tower Rushers!

Video of the menu in action: