Unit Spotlight - Spellweaver

The Spellweaver is one of the more powerful spellcaster units in Tower Rush. At the time of this writing, the Spellweaver unit is unlocked upon reaching level 15 in the game but level requirements for units are not fully set stone just yet.

Below is a general idea of how the Spellweaver stacks up in influence and other attributes versus other spellcaster units in the game. Influence will be a frequent term used in Tower Rush to describe how much impact any one unit has in battle.  

It's basically a point-value of the combined effectiveness of a unit's:

health     attack     defense      magic      speed 

Here's how the Spellweaver stacks up in influence currently against other units in its class:

Spellweaver's ability:

Power Surge

The Spellweaver excels at dealing high burst damage to enemies in a line. Enemies that get caught in the blast take considerable damage over several seconds.

Take a look at the ability in action!

Some of the ways that you can augment a spellcaster's magic damage includes using potions and learning the right talents. More on those below:

Phial of Hidden Talents (shop item)

Increase the magical damage of up to 3 random units by 30% for a brief period. Cannot be stacked.

Phial of Storms (shop item)

Increase the magical damage of up to 5 random units by 40% for a brief period. Cannot be stacked.

Additionally, you will earn a unique talent each time you complete a new stage, some of which also enhance the magic abilities of spellcasters!

Here are some of the talents which do just that:

Mystic Enclave (talent - normal / gold)

Increase the magic damage of spellcaster units by 10% / 20%.

Blow 'Em Up (talent - normal / gold)

Spellcaster units have a 10% / 17% chance to cast magic twice.

As with all units in Tower Rush, the more you play, the stronger your units become as well. You can expect to dish out large amounts of damage when you recruit several of these powerful units! 


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